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In which I fret over half-finished books...


I've decided not to start any new books until I tie up a few loose ends. Sometimes, I drift off from a book I was mostly enjoying but having a hard time keeping engaged with. I'm scatterbrained, I'll admit. And yet, I'm not abandoning these books; just putting them off, needing a break.


For example, Dan Simmons is one of my favorite authors. His Hyperion and Endymion books are superb, and so is Ilium. His books combine science fiction and literary tropes/references in a way I love. In Ilium, there are Shakespeare and Proust-loving alien life forms; and a real-time battle of Troy being played out on Mars, supervised by reanimated 20th-century classics scholars. What's not to love (for me, at least)? So I've set out to finish it first.


I've already talked about The Accursed, and how it both fascinates and muddles me. This will be my next one to finish. Finally, I had started Cover Her Face some months ago, and didn't get too far. I loved the style and characters, and have enjoyed reading and hearing interviews with James enough to pursue reading her work. So add that one to the list.


Three books to finish. Onwards!