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Is It the Narrator or the Author?

When Everything Feels like the Movies (Governor General's Literary Award winner, Children's Literature) - Raziel Reid

This book has kept me up late at night for a few days now, in large part because I can't figure out how I feel about it. In fact, I can't determine what the "it" is that I'm reacting to.


The characters are over the top (or maybe my teenage years are too far in the mists of the past), and Angela especially irritates me. So far, more than halfway into the book, I can't find  a single character that doesn't read like a parody of a stereotype.


But, and here's where my dilemma lies, is this because we're seeing the story through Jude's larger-than-life perception of the world around him; or is this also Reid's perspective? Reading When Everything Feels Like the Movies feels like watching the proverbial car accident in progress. It's uncomfortable (and meant to be so) but also fascinating. We know where all this is headed, but we can always hope...